Mar 13 2017

Madrid is Spain's capital. It's a city of elegant boulevards and expansive, manicured parks such as Buen Retiro. During the Civil War, Madrid was one of the most heavily affected cities of Spain. Madrid has drives its name from server all theories.

"We just landed and I can already tell it's gonna be the best trip ever!"


Mar 14 2017

Today we woke up around 7:30 a.m. for breakfast. We had coffee with milk, and toast with jam. Then we set out to find stuff to do, like go to the Prado National Museum!

"The museum was just exquisite!"

I've noticed that a lot of the people here travel by feet, it's always hot and sunny and beautiful out, and the beaches are completely amazing!


Mar 15 2017

Today we decided to eat lunch at the famous 'La Tragantúa Restaurant' at 2:30 p.m. and it was delicious! We had the paella lunch dish. It consists of rice, fish or chicken, vegetables and sauce.

"Wonderful find during our trip to Madrid. Went for lunch and dinner and would recommend it wholeheartedly."


Mar 16 2017

We found out today that the culture of the Spaniards are European cultures based on a variety of historical influences, primary that of Ancient Rome, but also pre-Roman Celtics and Iberian culture, and that of the Phoencicians and the Moors.

We also found out that if we were to live in Spain with the same rent cost from our city we live in now, it would cost up to 46,740.69$ in total. That's not that much!

"Wow, the houses themselves are amazing sights to see! The community of Spain
itself is a very rich community with culture and money!"


Mar 17 2017

Today is our last day to do whatever we want in Madrid, so we decided to go to the Royal Palace of Madrid, a very famous palace according to the culture. It only costs $43.24, which is pocket change for the Spaniards. It was a very extravagant tour and I'd recommend it to any of my friends.

"It's an amazing sight, and you can take magnificent pictures!"
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